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UQSC’s boats are available for members to rent to enter in the Humpybong fleet racing series, prices are per boat, include life jackets and entry fee. First signal is around 12 am so aim to be at the club around 10 am for setup and briefing. We will be organising carpooling most days from UQ St Lucia Pool. If you are looking for crew make sure to join the UQSAIL facebook group online. You need to be a member of UQ Sailing, have sufficient experience and be approved by UQ Sailing before you will be allowed to hire a boat. To get approval please contact us directly we will then upgrade your membership once the decision has been made. If you don’t have the experience, consider crewing or enrol in one of our learn to sail courses. You are expected to take care when using the boats you will be responsible for any damages not considered general wear.

Our boats

Puffin Pacer

UQ Sailing has 4 pacers, which is a two person, two sail monohulls. These are really fun monohulls to start racing in and are ideal in a variety of wind conditions.


Lasers are one of the olympic class sailing boats. Meant for solo sailing, these monohulls only have the mainsail and are really fun performance boats ideal in most conditions.

Hobie 16

The Hobie 16 is a classic sailing beach cat, the ideal crew is two people. It has trapeze wires and there are harnesses available to use if you want to really push the boat around the course.

Hobie Getaway

Traditionally a resort boat with no boom and plastic hulls, a slug in the light winds but in heavy weather, it really shows you it’s true colours. The ideal crew is two in light conditions or three in 20+ knots.

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Hobie 16, Hobie Getaway Wings, Laser, Pacer 13, Pacer 14, Pacer 15